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  •  Audit & Assurance Services

    Our People

    Audit and Assurance Services

    Audit Services
    • Statutory Audit: Our Partner and staff include specialists in auditing of businesses of all sizes, namely,;public quoted companies, ministries, government agencies, parastatals, manufacturing, educational institutions, agro ventures, commercial services, airlines and trading companies.
    Quality control techniques and the firm’s well developed internal training program ensure not only that the work we do is both of a high quality and cost effective but that clients obtain the benefit of an objective view by experienced and independent observers. Our aim is to provide feed-back on accounting and financial systems and controls and where appropriate, on any matter which may be material to client’s development and success.
    The firm provides a complete range of accounting and computerized accounting services. We are always pleased to assist clients to overcome short-term accounting problems, preparing whatever accounting, financial or management information that is required.
    In every circumstance, we will help to explain the information provided, its limitations and any underlying problems that it reveals. Many of the records are maintained using computers and this will enable us, to prepare on a regular basis, such items, as management accounts etc, in a particular cost effective manner.
    • Systems and Compliance Audit:  We provide systems and compliance audit for public and private sector clients. The main objective is to secure compliance with statutes, internal controls, systems procedures and the effectiveness of existing operating systems and proceeedures.
    Systems and compliance audit is an essential component of corporate governance and business risk appraisal for improved and sustainable growth of any organization.

    Assurance services
    • Financial investigation/Reporting Accountants/Due Diligence: We have a specialist team to carry our financial investigation work in both the public and private sectors. Our staffs are highly skilled in conducting investigations and valuation s of businesses. We assist companies to assess and appraise the financial status for mergers, acquisitions and buy out deals. Our firm is readily prepared to act as reporting accountants/financial advisers in respect of public issues for companies seeking listing on the Stock Exchange.
    • Insolvency services: We provide wide range of services in all aspects of insolvency and liquidation work. We take utmost care in protecting client’s interest in the event of suppliers or debtors running into financial problems. We advise clients on how best to proceed against debtors and will represent them at creditors’ meetings. We lay great emphasis on providing positive advice to companies experiencing financial difficulties in order to prevent, wherever possible,their demise. If a Company cannot be saved, we then   provide positive and constructive assistance to the business in receivership to enable it, where practicable, to regain its financial viability.
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    Audit & Assurance Services
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