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    Our People

    The Business Advisory Services can provide a quick business check-up which may be followed by a thorough review of the business to identify its strengths and weaknesses. Our recommendations often extend to the formulation of a profitability improvement plan.
    We also recruit Accounting and Computer Staff on behalf of our client. These services are available to the available to the firm’s clients at any of our office through their normal partner contact. Our very experienced teams are readily available to provide our clients with specialist assistance in raising all forms of finance.
    We are ideally placed to negotiate on behalf of clients with bankers and other providers of capital. Assisting with the preparation of business plans,  advice on all forms of government incentives, approvals, loan and subsidies which may be available.
    We provide advice and guidance on management buy outs and assist client to raise equity capital through Private Placement, or listing on the Sto9ck Exchange.

    We act as advisers to our clients and our involvement usually extends beyond the submission of our recommendations to the implementation stage to ensure that our clients obtain all the benefits o  f our recommendations. Our work with some clients has extended for over many years now. Our expertise relates to computers, management information and business advice.
    The “IT” Advisory Services relates to feasibility studies, selection and implementation of computer systems, computer performance reviews and advice on micro computers and standard software packages.
    Our Management Information Service first defines the structure of a business together with its information requirements and involves preparing budgets, calculating profitability of products or services, reviewing pricing policies, cash forecasting and interpretation and analysis of periodic figures.
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